About FloraMore:

FloraMore bv is an independent organisation, which provides a service to increase the performance of the flower and plant category at full service food retailers, garden centres and DIY centres.

It has developed a concept, which has the retailer and its objectives at the forefront of their mind: customer satisfaction, increased sales, reduction of waste and innovation within the flower and plant category.

The company is established in 2012 by Menno van der Knaap. Over his career Menno has been has been involved in various layers of the horticultural supply chain. In each layer he discovered and learned what the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats were.

These have been captured and combined them in the FloraMore chain model. The model is there to create a win-win situation for all involved in the supply chain- ranging from grower, middlemen, retailer and eventually the customer who is coming trough the doors of the retailer!

The Team:
FloreMore consists out of six people with a wide variety in background and experience: procurement, retailing, growing, export, marketing and business development.